Estonia, a captivating blend of Nordic charm and Baltic intrigue, sits at the crossroads of East and West. This small yet enchanting country in Northern Europe beckons travelers to explore its rich heritage and look forward to a fascinating future. With over 2000 islands and the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe, Estonia is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Tallinn Old Town - one of the best places to visit in estonia

A Compact Country Overflowing with Pride

Despite its modest size, Estonia is brimming with cultural pride. Home to just 1.3 million people, it is larger than Denmark or the Netherlands but one of the least densely populated countries in Europe. This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking peace, quiet, and solitude amidst its beautiful natural and urban landscapes.

The Essence of Estonia: Music, Sauna, Nature, Food, and Innovation

In Estonia, even a short visit immerses you in the country's five cultural pillars: music, sauna, nature, food, and innovation. These elements define the Estonian way of life, creating a unique blend of medieval and modern, handmade and high-tech, Baltic and Nordic.

Music: The Heartbeat of Estonia

Estonia’s deep connection to music is evident everywhere, from its numerous festivals to its rich choral traditions. The Estonian Song and Dance Festival, held every five years, brings together thousands of performers in a vibrant celebration of national heritage. World-famous composer Arvo Pärt, born in Estonia, has made significant contributions to contemporary classical music, developing a unique style called tintinnabuli. His works are celebrated globally and reflect his deep spiritual and cultural roots in Estonia.

Sauna: The Original Social Network

The sauna tradition in Estonia dates back to the 13th century, a timeless ritual recognized by UNESCO. Picture yourself entering a smoke sauna in Southern Estonia, the air thick with the scent of burning wood. Here, saunas are not just for cleansing but for connecting with friends and family—a place for spiritual healing and relaxation. 

Saunas are often located in unique settings, such as bogs, lakes, or rivers, sometimes even on floating platforms. These spots are perfect for wild swimming - it’s not every day you get to swim in a bog pool in real wilderness. Additionally, innovative sauna experiences like IgluPark and traditional smoke saunas like Mooska offer unique insights into Estonian culture.

Estonian saunas - from smoke saunas to IgluPark and from Mooska sauna to raft saunas in the bog
Nature: Estonia's Breathtaking Landscape

Estonia’s natural beauty is nothing short of breathtaking. Over half the country is covered in forests, and you’re never more than 10 kilometers from a bog. Wander through Lahemaa National Park, where ancient forests meet a rugged coastline, or canoe through the mystical flooded meadows of Soomaa National Park. Estonia’s commitment to nature conservation is evident, with 23% of the country designated as protected areas. The air in Estonian cities is among the cleanest in the world, and 98% of the rivers have potable water. Interested in nature hikes?

Close to the Remote Now Club, there are Emajõe Suursoo (one of the biggest bogs in Estonia), Taevaskoja, and Võhandu River. Tell us your interest and we will organize a memorable hike!

Food: A Seasonal Symphony

Estonian cuisine is a symphony of seasonal flavors. Join a foraging tour where you search for chanterelles in a dense forest, their golden caps peeking through the moss. In Estonia, food is deeply connected to the seasons, with fresh local ingredients at the heart of traditional dishes. From creamy mushroom sauces to berry-filled desserts, each meal tells a story of the land and its people. A highlight of any visit to Estonia during these months is a tour of the forests accompanied by an expert guide who will know the best foraging spots and share tips on identifying the best produce. Take a workshop to learn how to prepare the food you find.

Do you want to go fishing, or perhaps pick berries and mushrooms? And then cook them for dinner? There's plenty to explore in nature here! Let us know!

Visit Estonia - local cuisine - local ingredients, pure flavors

Innovation: A Digital Wonderland

Estonia is a pioneer in digital innovation, a country where 99% of public services are available online 24/7. Conduct business from a remote cabin in the woods, the fast and reliable internet keeps you connected. Our boutique nature cabins are excellent spot s for a workation, offering a perfect blend of productivity and tranquility in nature. Estonia’s e-residency program opens doors for global entrepreneurs, making it a digital nomad’s paradise. Since its independence restoration in 1991, Estonia has quickly embraced digital transformation, becoming one of the most advanced digital societies in the world. Known as the land of unicorns, Estonia boasts the highest number of unicorns per capita.

Southern Estonia: A Journey Through Time and Nature

Southern Estonia is a region rich in cultural traditions and natural beauty, a place where history comes alive amidst serene landscapes. It's an ideal destination for those looking to dive deep into local life and nature.

Estonian National Museum (ERM)

ERM is the largest museum in Estonia with nearly 6,000 m² of exhibition space invites you to discover the everyday life of Estonians throughout history at the permanent exhibition ‘Encounters’ and to learn about the life of the Finno-Ugric peoples in the permanent exhibition ‘Echo of the Urals’. The museum experience is complemented by temporary exhibitions.

Best places to visit in Estonia - Estonian National Museum at Night
Tartu: The Intellectual Heart

Start your journey in Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city and intellectual hub. Wander through its picturesque streets, visit the Estonian National Museum to explore the nation’s heritage, or relax in a cozy café surrounded by the city’s youthful energy.

Mooste Manor: A Historic Retreat

Mooste Manor, a beautiful estate from the Nolcken family era, is worth visiting. The manor’s historicist-style buildings and English-style park create a picturesque retreat. The renovated guest house, the art and social practice center, and the concert hall in the former barn are all highlights.

Vastseliina Episcopal Castle: A Medieval Marvel

The ruins of Vastseliina Episcopal Castle, built in 1342, are a must-see. Wander through the castle grounds, climb the tower for panoramic views, and light a candle in the sacred chapel space. This historical site offers guided tours enriched with fascinating stories and insights.

Emajõe Suursoo: A Wilderness Adventure

Explore the wild labyrinth of Emajõe-Suursoo Nature Reserve. Depending on the season, hike on bog shoes, paddle a canoe, or even go dog sledding through this untouched wilderness. Spend a night on a secluded bog island surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Estonia tourist attractions - canoeing in bogs of Soomaa or Emajõe Suursoo
The Onion Route

The Onion Route is perfect for a day trip or a separate destination for a prolonged adventure. Participate in various handicraft workshops, learn to cook traditional food from locally sourced ingredients, or explore the region by bicycle. Discover the rich cultural diversity of villages along Lake Peipus (by the way, Lake Peipus is also a great spot for birdwatching), inhabited by both Old Believers and Estonians living side by side.

Best places to visit in estonia - the Onion Route

Taevaskoja: A Natural Wonder

The two Taevaskoda outcrops on the banks of the ancient Ahja River valley are among the most frequently visited sites in southern Estonia. The sandstone outcrops and the ancient river form the most beautiful part of the Ahja River Landscape Reserve. Legends of caves, secret passageways, and mystical beings add to the allure of this natural wonder.

Seto and Võru Cultures: A Unique Cultural Mosaic

Southern Estonia is uniquely diverse, home to the Seto and Võru communities, each with its distinct traditions and heritage. The Seto people, known for their rich folklore and the UNESCO-recognized Seto Leelo singing tradition, offer a glimpse into a way of life that blends ancient practices with modern influences. The Võru region is famous for its smoke saunas, another UNESCO heritage, and its vibrant cultural festivals. In this region, you can experience the intersection of different cultures, including Estonians, Setos, Võrokes, and Old Believers, making it one of the most culturally rich areas in Europe.

Estonia travel - Setomaa and Seto traditions

To fully enjoy all these experiences, book your stay in our nature boutique cabins and immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of Nordic and Baltic cultures that Estonia offers.