Hive-shaped Boutique Nature Cabins by the Bog Lake


Year-round accommodation by the lakeside - in eight unique hive-shaped cabins offering a total of 12 rooms, accommodating up to 15 guests. We have 9 single rooms and 3 doubles - totaling 15 spots. 

Guests also have access to our café house common area, where they can use a fully equipped kitchen or simply relax and socialize. For an additional fee: breakfast (for groups of 5 or more), sauna, and hot tub. Prices start from €50 per person (including 9% VAT). 

Our cabins provide a natural experience and foster creativity

Our cabins offer a nature experience and support creativity. The cabins are located on the shore of a bog lake, each with a 2-3 meter thick peat layer underneath (by the way, such a peat layer takes 2000-3000 years to form). A completely unique experience! 

Providing a nature experience is one of the principles we followed in creating the holiday houses. It also has practical value - studies show that spending time in nature fosters creativity. That's why the cabins are located near the bog lake and arranged on the property to provide privacy and encourage walking (including visiting our Creativity Trail). Additionally, you need to walk to the sauna or café house if you want to use the toilet or take a shower. Sounds inconvenient? Agreed, but it's for finding good ideas, that's why you come here, right? Of course, we have emphasized that the houses are comfortable, cozy, and warm year-round.

Our Bog Lake Is a Unique Experience

Nestled in the forest, this bog lake is 10 meters deep—a true gem. It's especially exciting for wild swimmers. Our secluded lake offers superb opportunities for wild swimming adventures throughout the year. Enjoy morning dips in the misty waters or evening swims under the setting sun, where the pristine and fresh water combined with unspoiled nature creates the perfect backdrop for your swimming experience. By the way, these lakes boast the darkest water in Europe.

wild swimming estonia

Did You Know - Our Cabins Tell Stories

Each cabin is named after an Estonian inventor. We don't tell their life stories, but we've picked out some interesting facts about each one. Did you know that Estonian-born inventor Alexander Liwentaal made an 80-meter flight with his self-built glider in 1894, nine years before the Wright brothers' 37-meter flight? The last event is considered the beginning of modern aviation.

Each cabin tells a similar story - come and let us tell you!

One More Thing - Workation

Here you can combine vacation with work - we offer well-designed working conditions and fast WiFi (90 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload).

Want to Learn More About the Area? 

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