Private Spaces for Retreats, Camps, or Wild Swimming


A unique event space nestled by a small yet profound bog lake, perfect for retreats, camps, or wild swimming. The complex features two event spaces (actually three, as the café spaces can also be utilized for events), accommodation options, and saunas. 


What Do We Offer? 

  • Accommodation for up to 15 people - mostly in single rooms (up to 12 people).
  • A hot tub filled with bog water and two saunas, one of which is on a raft. 
  • Catering by the renowned chefs and pastry chefs. 
  • Creativity Trail - a world-unique small theme park of creative thinking created in collaboration with a neuroscientist, guiding towards creative solutions. 
  • Optional transfer from the railway station (4 km). 
  • Optional group activities - nature hikes in Emajõe Suursoo (one of the biggest bogs in Estonia) or on the Võhandu River. Do you want to go fishing, or perhaps pick berries and mushrooms? And then cook them for dinner? There's plenty to explore in nature here!
  • If desired, we can arrange an excursion to the Old Believers or Seto communities to explore their unique customs. Did you know that this region is unique? It brings together the traditions of six different ethnic groups - the Old Believers, Setos, Estonians, Võros, Latvians, and Russians. Thanks to these diverse cultures, we have here The Onion Route, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage-listed smoke sauna and Seto leelo. What would you like to experience?

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Event Space
    First, creativity - we've utilized our experience from over 800 brainstorming sessions to design the entire complex, and we've involved a neuroscientist. As a result, the environment is designed to stimulate creativity.
  • Second, nature - on a narrower scale, we are located by a bog lake, providing you with a direct experience of primeval nature. On a broader scale - we promise that the silence and tranquility you experience in the bog or forest are an experience in themselves.

Want to Learn More About Estonia and the Area?

Read from our blog post.

How to Book?

To rent the event space, fill out the form below, and we'll get in touch with you within 24 hours! Tell us about your plans, and we'll help bring them to life - we're more than just spaces!

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